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Edo Future 500 (EF500) is an initiative of the Edo State Skills Development Agency, to build the next generation of captains of industry in key sectors in Nigeria. The goal of the program is to provide young entrepreneurs with the right knowledge, depth, commitment, and experience to become Captains of Industry within 5 years. The process would bring together budding entrepreneurs from all LGAs in Edo State and set them on a path to thrive sustainably.

Fellowship Components

Sales Support and Market Expansion: During the fellowship, fellows will participate in activities to boost business sales and expand their market reach.
Professional Skills Development: During the fellowship, fellows will be provided with professional skills development training based on their interest.
Improve Business Visibility: Fellows will be provided with opportunities to increase the visibility of their businesses beyond their business locality or region.
Attachment to Mentors: During the fellowship, fellows will be attached to mentors to provide them with guidance and support towards making the right decisions for business growth.

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Edo State Skills Development Agency (ESSDA)

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Edo State Government House, Oka,
Benin City, Edo State

Email: edostate@gov.ng

About Us

The Edo State Skills Development agency was established by the Edo State Government to ameliorate the rate of youth unemployment through skills development and job creation, which will in turn improve the lives of the residents of Edo State. Having commenced in March 2017 as a program under the office of the Governor, it was initially known and referred to as Skill Development Program now Edojobs. It kick started its activities with a state wide registration of over 100,000 unemployed persons. With the initial target to create 200,000 jobs, which it has since surpassed, the agency has impacted positively in the skills level and economic wellbeing of residents as well as the State.

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