The Edo State Skills Development Agency (Edojobs) was set up by the Edo State Government to “provide the supply of and attract the demand for highly skilled talent in Edo State”.
The agency is a fulfillment of the mandate of Governor Godwin Obaseki's promise to Edo people to create 200,000 jobs in his first term in office with the visions to go beyond job creation to unlocking the potential of youth in Edo State by igniting the hope within them and ensuring that they could excel on their chosen career path.

We started in 2016 with an enumeration of citizens who were actively in search of a job, this yielded over 210,000 registrations and in 2017 Edojobs was officially launched. Since 2019, EdoJobs had setup Edo Innovates, Edo Production Centre, and many other programs that were actively connecting young people to jobs and building a community that was bringing hope and opportunity to our industrious young people. Edojobs became an agency in 2019 when it was signed into law and Ukinebo Dare was appointed as the pioneer the Managing Director of the Agency.

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Edo State Skills Development Agency (ESSDA)

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The Edo State Skills Development agency was established by the Edo State Government to ameliorate the rate of youth unemployment through skills development and job creation, which will in turn improve the lives of the residents of Edo State. Having commenced in March 2017 as a program under the office of the Governor, it was initially known and referred to as Skill Development Program now Edojobs. It kick started its activities with a state wide registration of over 100,000 unemployed persons. With the initial target to create 200,000 jobs, which it has since surpassed, the agency has impacted positively in the skills level and economic wellbeing of residents as well as the State.

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